Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party Coupons

Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party couponsEvery kid wants a fun birthday party for their birthday and every parent wants to give them one.  When you have a winter birthday like mine; however, sometimes it’s difficult to scrounge up enough extra cash after the holiday season to afford something great.  If you have a small child then Chuck E Cheese could have some great options for you.

Enter Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party Coupons

The coupons found both on Chuck E Cheese Coupons 2014 and on Chuck E Cheese’s website can go a long way towards making your child’s birthday dreams a reality.   Chuck E Cheese Coupons 2014 has coupons which bundle together pizzas, soft drinks and other tokens for a discounted price.  Some even include the salad bar and cheesy breadsticks.

If your party is small their Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party coupon for an 8” round dessert cake for only $8.99 will fulfill your dessert needs and you don’t have to do any baking or preplanning.  Chuck E Cheese token coupons such as the one for 125 tokens for $25 will go a long way towards fun play for the kids.

Currently Chuck E Cheese is running a promotion which gets the party an extra 100 tokens for booking their birthday party for a Friday, Sunday or at 10am on Saturdays.  There birthday party packages are tiered with their star package including two hours of reserved table space, a crown or tiara and 8 tokens, a chance to win 1000 tickets in the ticket blaster, a guitar pick medallion and jumbo guitar balloon, and rock star recognition in the birthday show all for the birthday guest.

For the party goers there are soft drinks and free refills, 20 tokens per child, 2 slices of pizza, rock star tablecloths and plate ware, a party host or hostess, and email invitations powered by evite.  The packages go up from there gaining party guests collectibles, tokens, tickets, goody bags, and ice cream depending on how much you spend.

There are regularly coupons available on the party packages; if you check back throughout the year at Chuck E Cheese Coupons 2014 or Chuck E Cheese’s website you may luck out and get a Chuck E Cheese birthday party coupon to help you save on your little one’s big day. And their current promotion of an extra 100 tokens and/or their $25 for 125 token coupon will go a long way towards a fun filled day on a budget.

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